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Desert, Hills, North, South, Negev, Golan, Galil

Haela Tours

    Haela Desert Tours were founded in 1996 by Ezer Atias , with decades of experience in the field of traveling Israel that he loves so much. With the years and experience accumulated, the company expanded its activities and its expertise in advanced area vehicles, Safari trucks, Jeeps, Tomcars, Rangers and nowadays Haela Tours is a diverse off-road travel company.

    Haela Tours will be happy to take you around the country. From the center to the north, from the south through the Judean desert.

    The company specializes in all field and challenge activities. Climbing and surfing from cliffs, nature hikes, self-driving tours, paragliding, Rope bridge, company-building days, food layouts in the field and events in nature.

    One of our strengths is that the company performs from 90% to 100% of all the tasks in each tour. It is a great advantage that we provide all the knowledge, experience, equipment and links to offer a perfect trip or event according to the customer’s desires and dreams… It’s just our nature. 

    With Haela Tours you will find an impressive range of outdoor activities and adrenaline-exciting terrain. We offer giant Safari trucks auth 30 to 45 seats Perfect for the field trips of groups, companies, schools, Yeshivot, Ulpanot and youth movements.
    Haela tours always adhere to safety, proper equipment, approvals and a full insurance.

    At Haela Tours you can always choose.

    Would you like to go to nature?
    Would you like an impressive event?
    Looking for an exciting experience?

    We are happy to offer the best variety of  safari tours fro large groups, private jeep tours, hiking, biking, self driving Tomctar, ATV trips, refreshments, events in nature, organizational workshops, ODT (Out Door Training), navigation games, rope climbing, good food … and mainly a combination of all these elements.

    Haela Tours as a travel company has the perfect Logistic department including all electrical equipment, generators, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, sleeping equipment, mobile toilets, tables, chairs, silverware and all you can ask for. Knowledge, experience and performance are the products of many years of showing people the love of the land of Israel.

    Haela trips – because the land of Israel is excellent.

    Contact us and we will be very happy to stand at your disposal.

    All the best,
    Eitan Atias.

    Haela Desert Tours, Sea, Galilee and Golan

    Excursions on Safari Vehicles for large groups 96%
    Jeep Tours 94%
    Self-driving in Rangers and Tomcars 92%
    Extreme activities: rappelling, omega, rope bridges 92%
    Field Events for Companies and Groups 90%
    Formation days for companies and ODT teamwork 88%

    Eitan Atias

    Owner & ceo

    Life is about the Ride!

    Haela Tours

    Eitan is a professional traveler for over 30 years, thanks to his father, who has tought him the love to nature and the outdoors. He loves the country of Israel in all its glory and makes sure to travel through it every week. Eitan mostly enjoys to taking groups of children and teach them the history and heritage of the places and people of Israel through their feet.

    Janusz Korczak

    He who cares for the days - plants wheat. He who cares for years - plants trees. He who cares for generations - educates people"

    Haela Tours - Ethan Atias

    Excursions, Nature, Safaris, Jeeps, ATVs, Rangers, Tomcars, Rappelling, Mountain Climbing, Rope Bridge, ODT, Corporate, Organizations, Youth Movements, Field Layouts and Nature Events