Outdoor Training

Formation days in nature

One of the fun tasks we perform on these trips is organizing and producing the consolidation days for companies and organizations in the field. We sew the suit exactly according to our customers ‘ orders, requirements, and budget.

After dozens of days of working out for companies in decades of work, we know how to offer the widest and most successful diversity available today in the market. We listen and adapt the solution according to the requirements, goals, dreams, desires and budget of any company.

Haela Desert Tours, Sea, Galilee and Golan

Excursions on safari vehicles for large groups 96%
Jeep Tours 94%
Self-driving in Rangers and Tomcars 92%
Extreme activities: rappelling, omega, rope bridges 92%
Field events for companies and groups 90%
Formation days for companies and ODT teamwork 88%

Multi-year Experience

Since we have the ability to perform and many years experience has taught us to address everything in the field, we offer a variety of daily building solutions in the field with varying content, the deployment of diverse food, in various areas and nationwide. Th

e consolidation days we offer combine and exhaust all of these travel capabilities so that the customer receives the highest level of service and the best prices.



Two are better than one! It is well known that a cohesive team can achieve better results than individual people and working in harmony will give the most output in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.
We offer formulation days and workshops for developing team skills that are part of a system, which is designed to provide a unified, cohesive, supportive, empowering and collaborative environment for all individuals in the group.

Challenging tasks

Formation days are designed to build a framework that encompasses all staff members, regardless of the role and rank of each participant on familiar day-to-day life, but at the same time diagnosing who has the data to lead the team. During Formation Day, we will split into groups for a variety of challenging, both physically and mentally and mentally challenging tasks that have inherent values, while having fun.

ODT - Out Door Training

In order to succeed, the team must collaborate, be creative, trust each other, know each other, know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and more … The group, in cooperation between them and most importantly, contributes to the formulation and improvement of the performance of the entire team, both in the private and the group aspect. We will adjust the location and type of activity according to the customer’s request and needs. The teams will be led by an experienced team and, depending on the activity, we will invite personal or group coaches to accompany the day of the activity.

Types of activities we offer:

Fun day games
consisting of various physical tasks and some of the challenges of thought. On this day we will raise the motivation and group morale and create an atmosphere of cooperation and group help. This activity contributes to the group’s pride and creates a powerful experience for continuing the daily work of the group.

Creative thinking – Gaming and reasoning some

times the challenge is just in the head and everyone wants to get back to being a little boy. This is the chance to play big, turn on the creative mind and thinking of each team member and together to create great fun and a happy atmosphere.

Workshops for casual din

ing is always among all and the days when everything revolves around food programs, we invite you to be cooks for one day. We will go through all the cooking stages, planning the groceries and the staff to edit the whole eating and dining environment. Journey.

y to the heart of our hearts – a journey that rolls thro

ugh the journey of physical coping and the creation of social dependence on the gro
up. The opportunity to enjoy the powerful landscapes and the desert calm. A journey that will give everyone an unforgettable personal experience and group.

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