Rangers and Tomcars in self-driving

On Haela Tours we offer a cool and challenging driving experience. The participants can rent an ATV such as a small ranger vehicles and drive it themselves. Self-driving Tom-car sits two people in a safety-safe cage, allowing enjoyable and challenging driving. The vehicles are strong and have high potential in all types of terrain.

Self-driving Ranger sits up to 3 people together in a vehicle. This way we allow children and friends to join this adrenaline ridden field trip and experience.

As part of the tour, we combine a wide range of areas of enrichment and value-added learning of the tour area. Groups, companies and families also love to integrate navigation games and missions in these field trips.

All driving tours at Haela desert tours are led by qualified instructors who will keep your group’s safety at all times and provide thrills and maximum enjoyment. The vehicles are 100% insured and all driving routes are examined regularly by professional safety officers.

Haela Tours - Ethan Atias

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