Rappelling, Cliff Surfing

Cliff surfing is a technique for decreasing the height of altitude with ropes. The surfer sits in a harness built from nylon fibre strips and is connected with a ring to the glide rope. Rappelling from rock climbing, it has evolved as a method of getting off the rocks and mountaineering trails. 

In Israel, it has emerged as a tourist activity, a thrill-filled challenge and adrenaline. Th
ese desert tours organize a selection of educational activities for groups alongside cliffs.
Corporate trips, family trips. Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours, school tours and youth Movement tours. The

surfing ropes are made from synthetic fibers. The surfing and security of these ropes developed safeguards that were designed to increase friction with the rope: a octet ring, creating a sharp bending of the rope or a pinch of the rope between two parts of the friction. rappelling surfers in a double-rope system. Rope surfing and rope, two yards, surfer and security. A method requires knowledge and experience and is considered safe. The great advantage is that the security guard can block the surfer without a great deal of force. 

Rappelling and Mountain Climbing sites in Israel

 – Ramim Cliff – Kiryat Shmona
 – Nahal Zavitan – the Golan Heights
 – Gaffat Cliff – Mt.Gilboa
 – Kdumin Quarries – Mt. Carmel
 – Rainbow Cave

 – Shilat Cliff, near Modi’in

Judean Desert
 – Hatzatzon River – the highest waterfall for surfing in the country (120 meters)
– Tamarim River
 – Qumran River
 – Tor River
 – Hover River

  – Ramon Crater – Mitzpe Ramon

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