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Excursions, Experiences, Extreme and Adrenaline combined with outdoors meals and events

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Haela Tours, Desert, Sea, Valley, Mountain, Galil, Golan

Extreme Activities: Rappelling, Omega Wrap, Rope Bridge 86%
Self-Driving in the field-Ranger, Tomcar, ATV 92%
Field trips on a 30-person safari hike 96%
Jeep Tours all over Israel 94%
Formation days and ODT teamwork 90%
Events in nature and layouts in landscapes 88%

Companies Formation Days

Organization and production of consolidation days for companies in the field. We sew the suit exactly to order

Outdoors Events and Meals

Organizing and producing events for companies in the field The accommodation we sew exactly according to your dream

Out Door Training

After hundreds of consolidating companies at a decades of work, we are able to offer the widest and most successful variety available in the market today

Haela Tous are proud to showcase 35 years of experience, proven professional skills and confidence that we will be able to formulate for you as well, tours, adrenaline adventure and memorable events!

Group Tours, Safari tours, Jeeps, ATVs, Rangers, Tomcars, rappelling, Cliff Surfing, Omega surfing, Rope bridge, days of consolidation, ODT, field deployments, nature events… Dream Fulfillment

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Haela Tours - Ethan Atias

Excursions, Nature, Safaris, Jeeps, ATVs, Rangers, Tomcars, Rappelling, Mountain Climbing, Rope Bridge, ODT, Corporate, Organizations, Youth Movements, Field Layouts and Nature Events